I’ve already wrote about

virus that spreads via video on Facebook, but it seems not everybody on my friend list noticed it. Today I saw suspicious link on aggregated wall again.

New threat looks like this:

Facebook video virus Teacher from behind

There are many more threats behind similar fake video links with catchy titles and descriptions. This trojan presents itself with VIDEO: Teacher from behind, March 20, 2011 title and text Video: When our new teacher terns towards a blackboard students are go haywire. below inviting to see some teacher with naked ass.

Unfortunately the link hidden behind URL shortening service address opens nothing but spammy website bestvideo12.info which tries to inject malicious code to computer:

bestvideo12.info trojan caught by ESET NOD32

Website where I found some information about this trojan gives a great definition for threats like this: Facebook likejacking scams. There is also mentioned that more than 6000 people already became victims of this “sexy teacher” virus today.

Sophos, a security company, gives advice on best security practises on Facebook which is highly recommended for everyone.