Probably the first thing that got me into computers and information technology was gaming. First hand held brick games, then Tamagotchi clones, moving on to 8-bit (Zhiliton, Dendy) and 16-bit (Sega Mega drive a.k.a. Genesis) consoles and afterwards getting hands on PC gaming. Wile there were some legendary DOS games I played, on my first PC I remember enjoying Red Alert 2, The Sims, Need for Speed Porsche Unleashed – those took most time.

When Android smartphones hit the marked I started looking into mobile games as they were super convenient on business trips. At that time I owned Samsung Galaxy Note 4 which had MHL output so it was possible to plugin it to hotel TV and pair a Bluetooth joystick. I still play mobile ports of good old Max Payne and Grand Theft Auto.

In late autumn of 2017 with the release of Xbox One X I got myself into current era consoles. While still playing some titles on PC, most of my gaming time nowadays is invested on Xbox One ecosystem. I am Live Gold subscriber and since July 2018 Xbox Ambassador.