Gytis Repečka is software engineer and digital technology professional from Lithuania.


My key areas of expertise are information technology, automotive and gaming.

Professional Services

I provide consulting services and run company Inretio, MB.


  • Master’s Degree magna cum laude in Informatics at Vilnius University (Lithuania). Thesis: Optimization of Hierarchical Data Management in Relational Database Management System
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Informatics at Vilnius University (Lithuania). Thesis: Circuit Car Race Results Analysis System

Additional information

It is rather difficult for English speakers to pronounce my name correctly. “Gytis Repečka” in Lithuanian sounds [´giːtis repetʃ´ka] with stress on “i:” (long) and “a” (short). Also notice that “c” is written with caron.

To contact me please use e-mail. For professional information find me on LinkedIn.