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Podcast Episode 1: interview with Rami Ismail at GameOn 2018

It is one week to GameOn 2019 – biggest video game festival in Lithuania – and perfect timining to start my new podcast. In this episode I decided to stream my last year’s interview with independent dutch video game developer Rami Ismail (@tha_rami).

We’ve sat at GameOn press area to talk about following questions:

  • How game developers should receive feedback? Considering data collection and privacy issues, European GDPR.
  • Are offline games dead? Most games nowadays are fully online.
  • Key topic: diversity in games: how to ensure it is not forced?
  • What are good ways to ensure age-rated games does not make bad influence to the young players?

Any type of diversity feels forced. But the reason it feels forced is because there isn’t a lot of it.

In the end of the episode you will also hear a short tune from GameOn Live concert – magnificent part of the event where orchestra plays game music. Here I’ve caught short part of famous Angry Birds tune by Ari Pulkkinen (© Rovio, performed by Vytautas Magnus University Chamber Orchestra).

This is my first episode, I promise to improve in audio quality and mixing 🙂 Feel free to comment and drop me a message – I’d really love to hear any feedback!