ZynAddSubFX is really easy to use software synthesizer which I’ve already featured in

Lithuanian post about setting up MIDI keyboard. Here is the quick walkthrough to add more instruments to predefined banks.

ZynAddSubFX has a selection of instruments grouped into banks. Basically instruments are files with XIZ extension and banks – folders under:


To extend existing selection I’ve found some at rekkerd.org: folderol_zynaddsubfx_Collection.zip (256.6 kB).

Extract downloaded archive, create a folder under /usr/share/zynaddsubfx/banks (I’ve created “new”) and copy XIZ files there.

To select any of new instruments click menu Instrument > Show instrument bank, hit “Refresh bank list” and select your folder from drop-down list:

ZynAddSubFX instrument bank

Unfortunately, I still can’t find Grand Piano file for ZynAddSubFX 😥 Anyone more lucky in that?