Seeing red-colored stuff as blue in YouTube videos? Adobe Flash Player on Fedora seems to mess with settings, here is quick fix.

It’s not the only problem with Flash Player on Fedora – when I load some video at YouTube and open a new tab in Mozilla Firefox, Flash content sometimes overlap tab’s content or distort fonts in bounds of Flash video size. This is very annoying! Luckily, solution is quite straightforward.

As soon as you install Flash Player for Adobe’s official repository, Fedora Forums advise to remove nspluginwrapper, which, according to YUM, is:

[code]Name : nspluginwrapper
Arch : i686
Version : 1.3.2
Release : 1.fc14
Size : 456 k
Repo : installed
From repo : updates
Summary : A compatibility layer for Netscape 4 plugins
License : GPLv2+
Description : nspluginwrapper makes it possible to use Netscape 4 compatible
: plugins compiled for i386 into Mozilla for another architecture,
: e.g. x86_64.
: This package consists in:
: * npviewer: the plugin viewer
: * the browser-side plugin
: * nspluginplayer: stand-alone NPAPI plugin player
: * mozilla-plugin-config: a tool to manage plugins installation
: and update[/code]

Let’s get rid of it by running following command as root:

[code]yum remove nspluginwrapper[/code]

Now we need to solve weird colors issue. Several users on Fedora Forums advised to disable hardware acceleration for Flash – it worked for me also! 😀 Open any page that has Flash content embedded, right-click it, from menu pick Settings and on the very first tab (Display settings) untick Enable Hardware Acceleration. Close and restart your browser and enjoy red instead of blue where it has to be, for example, in new Bob Sinclar hit “Rock the boat” video: